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Do you want your Personal AI or are you creating one?

blogger 47 provides you Python based codes & files which will help you to make extremely Genius ai assistant like jarvis. you can use those codes and also read about them that how they work.

If you do not want to make your own AI assistant then do not worry, here you will get Python files which you can just download and have fun.

when you are programming your personal AI assistant then you have to face some unknown errors or OS related problems whose correct and genuine solution you will find here

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How to build your own AI personal assistant using Python?

python programing

Want to build your own personal AI assistant like Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google assistant?

it’s too easy

With the python programming language, you can program your own AI assistant according to your needs.

Your AI can perform limitless tasks for you, some those are :

  1. it can open YouTube, Gmail, Google chrome and stack overflow.
  2. Predict current time, take a photo, search Wikipedia to abstract required data.
  3. predict weather in different cities, get top headline news from Times of India.

The following queries of the voice assistant can be manipulated as per the users need.

Download Python

Your AI will based on Python language so first of all you have to download python on your PC.

you can download Python from :

Download Virtual Environment

to program your AI you have to download a Virtual Environment. where you can code your own Assistant.

here are links of some popular & trusted VE apps :

  1. Visual Studio Code :
  2. PyCharm for windows :

Packages required:

To build a personal voice assistant it’s necessary to install the following packages in your system using the pip command. some examples are here :

1) Speech recognition — Speech recognition is an important feature used in house automation and in artificial intelligence devices. The main function of this library is it tries to understand whatever the humans speak and converts the speech to text.

2) pyttsx3 — pyttxs3 is a text to speech conversion library in python. This package supports text to speech engines on Mac os x, Windows and on Linux.

3) ecapture — This module is used to capture images from your camera.

4) datetime — This is an inbuilt module in python and it works on date and time.

5) os — This module is a standard library in python and it provides the function to interact with operating system.

6) time — The time module helps us to display time.

7) Web browser — This is an in-built package in python. It extracts data from the web.

8) Subprocess — This is a standard library use to process various system commands like to log off or to restart your PC.

9) Json– The json module is used for storing and exchanging data.

10) request– The request module is used to send all types of HTTP request. Its accepts URL as parameters and gives access to the given URL’S.

there are countless packages & programs. so please visit python codes & python program page to get more packages.

Save the file

when you complete your program then save the file as : .here .py is the type of files which clearly shows that that’s a python file.

Run the program

after saving the file just double click on the file and you program will run.

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