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WordPress Site Stuck In Maintenance Mode? Here’s a fix

Fix WordPress Site Stuck In Maintenance Mode
Fix WordPress Site Stuck In Maintenance Mode

Want to fix the wordpress website stuck in maintenance mode? Do you want to fix that? If I am not guessing wrong, you are probably here for that.

Sometimes we create problems for ourselves & this is nothing new. Leaving WordPress in maintenance mode is a big problem until you don’t know how to fix that. But be assured because I am here to solve this.

Big Issue is for SEO

Now what really matters is the online presence of your website. Google wants your website to be online always. If you are not paying proper attention to your website, it will negatively affect the growth of your website.

Any website in maintenance mode throws a 5xx category error. Technically it’s not an error. Whenever the crawler hits the server, it responds with a 5xx HTTP header code.

Now the important thing is that 4xx and 5xx are worse for SEO. It will drastically decline the rankings of your website overnight.

Reasons for Maintenance Mode

Whenever you perform maintenance on your WordPress website, It enables maintenance mode automatically.

Interestingly this process is automatic. You don’t have a need to do it manually. Everything happens behind the scenes. You don’t have any full proof idea about what is going on. That’s where 99% of people make mistakes. They try to modify some value to revert everything back to normal.

Some details on Maintenance mode with WP-CLI are provided by WordPress developers here.

Following are the reasons why WordPress enable maintenance mode automatically:

  1. WordPress Theme update.
  2. WordPress Plugin update.
  3. Core Update.
  4. CACHE

Any of the conditions mentioned above are responsible for a maintenance mode.

Now we will talk about how to fix the wordpress site stuck in maintenance mode.

Steps to fix a WordPress webiste stuck in maintenance mode

Check for a ongoing theme or plugin update

Tiny but a big problem! 90% root cause for this problem is an ongoing update. Any system can’t be viewed during an update because core services take time to restart.

My recommendation for this would be to finish the ongoing updates to see changes. If you don’t see changes, simply disable auto-updates.

How to disable Auto-update for a WordPress plugin:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Search for the plugins option on your left-hand side.

    You will find a menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Search for the plugins option. You will see an option for all plugins.

  3. You will see your installed plugins.

  4. Look at the right-hand side. There will be an option to enable/disable automatic updates.

  5. Click disable automatic updates.

  6. You are good to go now.

Check for WordPress Core update

WordPress Core update is something you can’t miss until you don’t know that you are updating the root of your website. Whenever is an update released by the WordPress Core team, your website wants to access it?

If you have automatic updates enabled, your site will download and start updating itself. Sometimes bugs are fixed, sometimes things can break.

Be sure to keep an eye on updates. You can disable auto-updates for WordPress from settings.

If you are not sure, hire an expert for that.

During an update, WordPress puts itself in maintenance mode so check if update is completed. You can easily verify that by visiting the homepage of your website.

Once a wise man said – Have you cleared your cache.

Cache gives an enormous boost to your website but it can become torture for you. They serve stale data so you must do a full purge them to keep your website fresh.

I hope that was enough for today’s topic. Do genuine comments please so I can get an idea about this post.

Meet you in the next one. Bye

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