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How to do SEO for a Website Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to do SEO for a Website Step by Step Tutorial
How to do SEO for a Website Step by Step Tutorial

So, Finally, you remembered SEO. I think you just want a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to do SEO of your website.

Sure. I’ll tell you each and every step in detail. Before that, I’ll highly recommend you to check my other post in which I have explained the money-making tip from Facebook.

So Let start with some headings:

Prepare Yourself

Ever heard the story of Neil Patel. Founder of Neil Patel Digital. Currently, he is one of the best SEO consultants in the market. He has nothing when he started but managed to reach there with his confidence, developed skills, and patience.

What my motive is behind telling you all this is to teach you to keep patience. SEO is just continuous trial and error. If one method doesn’t work for you, you have to test the other.

So prepare yourself for constant errors because this will increase your patience level.

Understanding the two important SEO types

Do you know the two types of SEO? Well, here is your answer:

  1. On-Page SEO

    You can easily understand the on On-Page SEO with the help of its name, SEO which you perform on your pages.

    It’s a part of SEO in which you have to get ready your website for search robots, also known as web spiders. A well-optimized website consists of all necessary headers, meta tags & markups, helping search robots to identify meaningful content on your website.

  2. Off-Page SEO

    It’s another type in which you improve your website for humans. This is like giving some clues to search engines why they should rank your content.

    A great example of this would be building backlinks to your website. Most people stay behind in this crucial process because this is a time-consuming process.

    Many people use this as a business. They charge a fee for every link which is being placed on their website.

    According to my, link building must remain a natural process. You shouldn’t consider buying links because once spiders detect them, they will drop your website rankings. Ultimately, you can lose a lot of organic traffic.

Use some free SEO tools

Fortunately, most of these tools are free. The only one which gives you more fine-graded data are paid. Here are those tools from my free SEO tools list for beginners. Do check it out too:

Google Search Console

It’s an absolutely free tool from Google to help webmasters ranking their websites in Google. Its minimal UI and pure stats will let you know of any problem within your website.

Here you can add a list of URLs of your website in the form of a sitemap.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analysis tool for your web properties from Google. Again, it’s totally free. What makes this more interesting is that you can track the exact keywords for which your website got hits or which keyword is negatively impacting the SEO of your website.

What the best part of analytics is real-time visitor count and bot view exclusion. Analytics doesn’t count bot views which means you can see exact human traffic.

One more feature analytics provides you is a tracking id which you can put in any third-party analytics service.

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is an official tool provided by Google Developers to measure the overall SEO score of your website. Apart from being free, this provides extensive documentation on how to correct common errors.

This tool consists of four sections.

  1. Performace
  2. Accessibility
  3. Best Practices
  4. SEO

Short notes on these points:


Performace includes checks which keep your site fast loading, responsive and user-friendly. Any problems related to these will be shown in this field.


This is the check specially dedicated especially to visually challenged people. These checks are performed to ensure that they didn’t face any problems while accessing your site. These checks contain color corrections, alternative text for images, etc.

Best Pactices

Best practices checks for techniques that are supported by modern browsers. For example, using HTTPS protocol, declaring doctype, using safe javascript libraries, not using deprecated APIs.


This check includes the overall SEO health of your website, whether it’s on-page or off-page. Included checks are meta viewport tag, title tag, successful HTTP status code, valid robots.txt file, valid hreflang tag, canonical URL test, and tap target size.

SEO Site Checkup

It’s a tool providing an overall SEO score for your website. The only thing you’ve to do is to enter your website’s URL. It will scan your entire site for possible errors & display the results in a beautiful interface with a color-coded scheme.

It’s a freemium tool which means you can perform a limited number of scans in a fixed timeframe.


Ahrefs provides industrial-grade data for your website’s stats. They claim to have the best data in this industry.

Ahrefs provide a 7-days trial for 7 dollars which is good to go with if you are willing to pay. Otherwise, their free SEO tools are enough for normal research.

What Ahrefs is an expert in is the filters it provides for sorting data. A wide range of filters allows any user to get useful information from a huge heap of data.

That’s all for the use of free SEO tools.

Focus on Content Quality

Quality of content matters when it’s SEO. Providing low-value content will decrease engagement with the user, which sends a negative signal to search engines, ultimately leading to low rankings.

Your content must be:

  • Easy to read.
  • Unique.
  • Friendly.
  • Fresh

Fresh content ranks easily. So make sure to update your content once a month. Avoid copying from others. Even readers can guess from where you have copied it.

Act Smart, not foolish

Engineers at search engines constantly work to make algorithms better, don’t even try to trick them. Don’t buy links; participate in such programs as this falls under blackhat practices, which may lead to completely disappearing your website from the internet index.

Be genuine, work with joy, surely you’ll achieve success.

I think this 5-point strategy has taught you SEO step-by-step for your website. Now go and sow it. Be sure to leave a comment on my work.

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