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What Is The Best Video Editing Software For Youtube

Best Video Editing Software For Youtube
Best Video Editing Software For Youtube

Today I want to tell you about some best video editing software you can use to edit your youtube videos.

Most video editing software will require a subscription which is not feasible for everyone. But guess what, most of them are absolutely free. So feel free to use them for your next project.

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InShot (for Android)

Whenever I remember the best video editing software, this is the first one that actually lit my mind. For those who also want to edit their pictures, this is just the best app.

This app comes with custom stickers and GIF packs to make your photos and videos look more realistic and attractive.

You can create duplicates with PIP too. Also, InShot supports natively for Choma key, which is helpful for Green-Screen videos.

With a global community of 1,17,38,343 users and a rating of 4.8 out of 5, this app sits at the top position of the Google Play Store for best video editors. It is definitely my favorite, and I’ll recommend it to you too.

Vita (for Android)

Another simple yet powerful video editor with built-in capability of editing photos too.

Developed by SNOW Inc., this app has more than 1000 text designs, filters and effects, customized ready-made templates, and robust sound effects.

Vita also supports slow and fast motion to give your videos an attractive look. It also supports PIP, helping you making clones in your videos.

However, the rating is 4.3 out of 5, a little less from InShot. But it’s also an amazing app.

PowerDirector (for Android)

PowerDirector is an old and reputed app from CyberLink Corp. It’s not the most advanced video editor, as it has an old and a boggy UI, but it’s just fine for basic to medium level editing.

Please note that it’s my personal opinion. You’ll only know after using it.

It comes with a 4.5 out of 5 Google Play Rating, so it’s the best app. You can check it out too by clicking the heading link.

FilmoraGo (for Android)

FilmoraGo is one of the best apps for professional video and photo editing. Following are the key feature of this app:

  • Professional photo and video editing.
  • 1000+ featured music to use for free.
  • Cool Visual Effects.
  • 5000+ premium stickers and templates.
  • Customised text.
  • Speed controls.
  • Video transitions and
  • 1080p video exports.

KineMaster ( for Android)

Our list of the best video editors (currently on android) would be incomplete if we don’t mention the most popular video and photo and video editor of all time.

This App was developed by the KineMaster Corporation. KineMaster offers a full library of assets from Asset Store.

A beautifully crafted professional dashboard provides a feel of a professional editor. Stylized text, Instant graphics, and animation, chroma key support, powerful color controls, the razor-sharp picture quality will leave your mouth in awe.

That was all for video Editors for android. Let’s move on to Desktop now.

I’ll tell just one and that’s enough😁😁

Adobe Premiere Pro (for Windows)

Premiere Pro is the most robust software available for Windows to edit videos. However, you need a paid version to use full software.

Following are the key features for Premiere Pro:

  • Custom fonts
  • Adobe Stock
  • Music and
  • Motion Graphics templates

Automatic Reformation of video helps you to optimize your videos for every platform like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion with multiple ratios like vertical alignment, 16:9, 4K video exports.

Lumetri Color tools allow you to fine grade video colors, like skin tone.

Adobe Stock saves your precious time to create graphics, images, and custom videos. Everything you will get it for free.

Powered with Adobe Sensei AI, you will never lose your edit points. It will remember their location for you. You can easily add cuts and markers for your references.

New features are added every month so you’ll never regret buying it.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, so you will get additional access to other software as well for a limited time period.

Pricing Module

Here is a detailed pricing module provided by Adobe.

There are 3 pricing categories:

At the timing of writing this article, this was the pricing module

Premiere Pro Individual Pricing
Individual Pricing
Premiere Pro Business Pricing
Business Pricing
Premiere Pro Students and Teachers Pricing
Students and Teachers Pricing

A Rough Pricing for an Individual plan is Rs.4500/-, Business Plan for Rs.6500/-, Students and teachers plan for Rs.1600/-.

So here it is, you may choose according to your need. I hope this will help you for sure.

Let me know in the comment section if you want something else. I’ll help you.

Have a good day.

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